Don’t Fence Me In- DRAFT

The Nevada Brand

Nevada truly is a world within and a state apart.

No other state in the union has the unique combination of natural and entrepreneurial infrastructure, geographical variations and urban and rural destinations all populated by singular characters, builders, industrialists, and titans.

For more than 150 years, Nevada has been the home of mavericks. From the earliest settlers who ventured across the wide-open spaces, silver and gold miners who tenaciously unearthed riches within the rock, to entrepreneurial moguls who built the world’s largest gaming and entertainment companies, Nevada has been a mecca for people seeking ways to break out of the ordinary and find innovative ways to create and construct inventive solutions.

Travel Nevada has dubbed this the “Don’t Fence Me In” spirit. This break-free attitude is celebrated across Nevada and it’s with this call that visitors are invited to the state. The Don’t Fence Me In spirit breaks barriers, exceeds expectations and erases pre-conceived ideas. Don’t Fence Me In is more than a marketing tagline, it’s a challenge to residents and visitors to reach for boundless creativity, explore new ways of doing traditional activities and find energy and passion in the every day.


Our Approach Is Working

Since launching the brand and engaging audiences through the Don’t Fence Me In campaign, the return on investment for Nevada has risen from 19:1 to 33:1 for paid media only. This means, for every dollar spent on paid tourism advertising, $33 is returned to the state through travel and tourism activities. As a fully integrated marketing approach, we know the ROI is actually much higher.

When the brand was established, it was built around four pillars:

1. Uninhibited Freedom

From the anything-goes attitude in Las Vegas to the wide open expanse of accessible public lands, to the pristine snow-kissed slopes of Lake Tahoe ski areas, Nevada embraces the call of the frontier and the promise of the west – the space and freedom to do what you want, where you want and when you want.

The characteristics that define this pillar are: Independent, Energetic and Off The Grid.

2. Inspiring Discoveries

The spirit of discovery runs deep in Nevada. It is in our DNA. Nevada was founded by miners searching for silver and gold. They are the soul of Nevada. Discovery is part of our history and heritage, but it is not simply relegated to our past. Our deeply rooted desire to discover is still alive today.

Like our silver and gold, much of the unexpected natural beauty and scenic splendor of Nevada has been undiscovered by crowds of tourists and is waiting to be experienced and enjoyed.

The spirit of discovery takes travelers off the highways, onto rural backroads and trails, where travelers can discover the man-made beauty and engineering wonder of Hoover Dam or the mysterious history of one of our unique ghost towns. These, along with many other natural and cultural treasures, are Nevada’s hidden gems. We are here to act as guides so travelers can make these exciting discoveries on their own.

The characteristics that define this pillar are: Hopeful, Pioneering, Thrilling

3. Rewarding Adventures

Nevada is about doing, not simply seeing. We are for people who want a little adventure in their travels. Those who know that the journey is just as important as the destination, that the truly worthwhile experiences and memories always come with a bit of risk, and that the experience of a lifetime might be a few more miles down the road or just around the corner. Nevada is replete with these rewarding adventures, many of which are simply a short road trip from the urban hubs of Las Vegas or Reno.

The characteristics that define this pillar are: Achievement, Imaginative, Uplifting

4. Unexpectedly Diverse

The snow-capped Sierra. Wetlands teaming with wildlife. Hundreds of miles of accessible ATV trails. Pristine Lake Tahoe. The scenic splendor of the state and national parks. The arts and special events in Reno. Ghost towns that dot the state. The thrill and excitement of Las Vegas. Nevada is surprisingly diverse, from the variety of its entertainment to the beauty of its natural resources.

The characteristics that define this pillar are: Awe-Inspired, Centered, Connected

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