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The Division of Tourism operates within the Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs to help achieve the Governor’s strategic priority of a vibrant and sustainable economy. In addition to managing state tourism efforts, the Division provides communities and businesses with development resources, training, and grant assistance that help bolster local economic bases and diversify regional economies.

Executive Staff

Brenda Nebesky

  • job_title: Acting Director

Mary Ellen Kawchack

  • job_title: Chief Marketing Officer

Bethany Drysdale

  • job_title: Chief Communications Officer

Christian Passink

  • job_title: Director of Sales and Industry Partners

Ronald Webster

  • job_title: Chief Technology Officer

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Angie Mathiesen

  • job_title: Operations and Finance Manager

Dee Chekowitz-Dykes

  • job_title: Executive Assistant

David McDowell

  • job_title: IT Technician

Lindsey John

  • job_title: Administrative Assistant

Lisa Rosas

  • job_title: Management Analyst

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Susan Mowers

  • job_title: Art Director

Kyle Shulz

  • job_title: Research Manager

Rachel Wright

  • job_title: Social Media Strategist

Sydney Martinez

  • job_title: Content Manager

Devon Blunden

  • job_title: Marketing Specialist

Jessica Grundy

  • job_title: Marketing Manager

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Public Relations

Chris Moran

  • job_title: Public Relations Specialist

Guy Clifton

  • job_title: Public Relations Specialist

Tracie Barnthouse

  • job_title: Public Relations Specialist

Brett Fisher

  • job_title: Public Relations Assistant

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Sylvia Welsh

  • job_title: International Market Manager
    (China, India, South Korea, Japan)

Yennifer Diaz

  • job_title: International Market Manager
    (Australia, Canada, Latin America)

Shari Bombard

  • job_title: Rural Programs Manager

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Nevada Magazine

Janet M. Geary

  • job_title: Publisher

Carrie Roussel

  • job_title: Circulation Manager

Kippy S. Spilker

  • job_title: Art Director

Alexandria Olivares-Wenzel

  • job_title: Senior Graphic Designer

Adele Hoppe

  • job_title: Advertising Sales Manager

Eric Cachinero

  • job_title: Associate Editor

Megg Mueller

  • job_title: Managing Editor

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